Personal Spiritual Retreats In Bali
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Personal Spiritual Retreats…
…are 4 to 7 day, custom designed, highly personalized retreats in the heart-centered energies and beauty of Bali. These personal retreats for individuals and couples, employ the skills and talents of Bali’s master practitioners – healers, spiritual guides, energy workers, intuitives and body workers – in a series of powerful one-on-one sessions that clients most commonly describe as life-changing and transformational.

Relax & let go
From the moment you step off the plane in Bali, you can feel yourself let go, relax and decompress. In Bali, you’re half a world away – where life is simpler and everything moves at a slower pace. Distance lends perspective and time to reflect gives rise to fresh insights. Isn’t it time to look at your life in a new way?

Campuhan ridge walkAre you ready for a personal retreat?
Face it, our lives are intense. We’re so focused on work and family and money and school and all the obligations and commitments that make up our lives. That’s all good, but it’s easy to lose our bearings (and maybe even ourselves) in all the hustle and bustle.

Do you need more beauty in your life?
We all do. It’s easy to forget how much beauty enriches our lives and nurtures our Spiritual Connection. It’s not how many breaths we take in a lifetime that’s important, but how many breathtaking moments we allow ourselves to experience. Simply put, Bali is beautiful – in every sense of the word!

Bask in the splendor!
Bali is one of the most amazing places on this planet. From imposing volcanic mountainscapes to lush rice paddies; from verdant jungles to stunning sunsets over the ocean, your Bali Soul Adventure is filled with wondrous beauty and awe-inspiring sights and sounds.

Father and son at templeAre you ready for a change?
From a change of pace to a change of scenery to a change of direction, it’s time! A Bali Soul Adventure provides all that and more. In Bali you can step out of your old patterns, your old sense of self and old ways of being – and step into an entirely new experience of you.

Open to a new you!
In Bali, creativity and artistry are everywhere a way of life. In a culture so steeped in creativity, among a people so inspired and imaginative, you may very well find yourself reinventing your life in subtle (or even not so subtle) ways. Consider the profound effect Bali had on Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love.

Do you want something more than just a vacation?
When you take a break from your ordinary, day-to-day routine, you want more value from the experience than just sitting at the beach sipping margaritas. You are a multi-dimensional being and you’re ready to cultivate and develop more than just your suntan. You’re ready for a Soul Adventure.

Pura Ulun Danu BaturExperience the Presence!
Bali is a culture that recognizes the presence of Spirit in every aspect of the life of the individual and the community. For the Balinese, Spirit is everywhere and Bali is considered to be the Island of the Gods. Allowing yourself to open to and experience this Presence can be profoundly transformative at the deepest Soul levels.


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What our guests say...

“My Soul Adventure in Bali was an absolute experience of a lifetime.  The royal treatment that we received was unbelievable not to mention the many cultural experiences and the breathtaking temples that we visited.  I came back with an awakening of creativity that had been suppressed for way too long.  I look forward to returning to Bali where there is much beauty, art and where I know I will always feel welcomed by the heartfelt people of Bali.”

Shirley Zago

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November 28th, 2015

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