About Bali Soul Adventures

Personal Spiritual Retreats are 4 to 7 day, custom designed, highly personalized retreats for individuals and couples using master practitioners – healers, spiritual guides, energy workers, intuitives and body workers – in a series of powerful one-on-one sessions that clients most commonly describe as life-changing and transformational.

First introduced in Sedona, Arizona in the USA in 2002, now Bali Soul Adventures is expanding the concept of Personal Spiritual Retreats into another planetary power spot and spiritual travel destination – the island of Bali. The island’s gentle, welcoming atmosphere and the deeply spiritual traditions of its people provide the ideal conditions to unwind, let go and open up to the voice within. Healing water temples, sacred ceremonies, natural beauty, open-air architecture and fresh, nourishing food are the outer supports for your inner soul journey.

Our retreats are unique because we work directly with each individual to create a highly personalized experience.  Whatever your needs, the principals and staff of Bali Soul Adventures are well suited to create the retreat that is a match to your unique situation.

Meet the founder of Bali Soul Adventures:

Cokorda Istri Ratih Iryani
Cok Ratih Co-FounderCok Ratih (pronounced choe rahtee) was born into the royal family of one of the former kingdoms of Bali and although the political power of the kingdoms ended after the Indonesian war for independence, Ratih is still recognized as a princess both socially and culturally. A deeply spiritual person and an accomplished dancer, Ratih has performed traditional Balinese dance around the world and has won many awards. Ratih is a respected cultural ambassador, and under her direction, visitors are invited into the inner sanctums of temples usually off limits to westerners and guided into deeper connection with authentic Balinese traditions, including participation in Balinese sacred ritual and ceremony. Ratih shares her personal life experiences openly, giving visitors an insider’s look at the Balinese world view. For most Soul Adventurers,getting to know Ratih is one the highlights of the journey.

Statement by Cok Ratih:
“As a little girl, I grew up in the palace of my grandfather, the last king of Peliatan, giving offerings and thanks to our forefathers and mothers. I was raised to honor, respect and preserve our traditional Balinese values and way of life as well as the wisdom of our spiritual philosophy. This is the heart and soul of Bali. In this modern world, it is my life’s purpose to nurture and sustain our venerable culture in ways that enhance human wholeness in harmony with Mother Earth and the spiritual realms. These principles are known as Tri Hita Karana and our company, Bali Soul Adventures, is imbued with this sacred intention.”