Bali Sacred Spirit 2019 Tour


…exploring the heart and soul of Bali
September 9 – 18, 2019

Version 2Join us as we explore the beautiful island paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Widely acclaimed and celebrated for the beauty of its beaches, the grandeur of its mountains and volcanoes and the serenity of its countryside, Bali is also renowned for the high culture, creativity and spirituality of its smiling, gentle people.

Mary Margrave, Tour Co-Leader and Sponsor, Susan Carollo, Tour Co-Leader,  Tom Margrave, Tour Organizer and Founder of Bali Soul Adventures (and Mary’s brother) and Princess Cokorda Ratih, our Cultural Ambassador and Professional Guide, come together to facilitate a heart opening exploration of a way of life and culture deeply grounded in its sense of Divine purpose and spiritual connection. As you discover the beauty of the island’s temples, its landscapes, and its people and their traditions; as you are immersed in a culture where awareness of, and devotion to Spirit permeates every aspect of life, you may very well experience subtle but powerful shifts in your own awareness and relationship to the Divine.

Deepening Our Connection to the Divine
Throughout the week, Mary, Susan and the rest of the team ~ together with the Spirit of Bali ~ weave a highly transformational sacred container for you to move into deeper connection with your Divine Essence. Mary shares her connection with the Guides through a Group Channeling session to support you in accessing and trusting your own innate spiritual gifts.  And Susan will facilitate a Group Clearing to deepen your connection with your Higher Self, Bali and the group, paving the way for your most sacred, relaxing and fun experience!

Traditional Healers – the Balian
Have you read Eat Pray Love, the best selling book featured on Oprah’s Book Club?IMGP6921 The book begins and ends with author Elizabeth Gilbert’s experiences and learning from her spiritual mentor, Pak Ketut Liyer. We are pleased that our group will  visit the home of Pak Ketut Liyer and receive a blessing from his son, I Nyoman Lantra. Since Pak Ketut passed in 2015, Pak Nyoman, his successor, is continuing his father’s work.

Additionally, group members will experience a healing demonstration by world famous Balinese healer Cokorda Rai and have the option to reserve sessions with him.

For the Balinese, all dimensions of life are expressions of a greater spiritual reality and as a result, creativity, artistry and excellence are everywhere as part of daily life. In our  explorations, you will delight in the beauty of the uniquely Balinese expressions of dance, painting, mask making, wood and stone carving, weaving and other arts.

During our stay, as you resonate with Bali more and more, you will find yourself slowing down, relaxing, opening and unwinding. You will experience yourself spontaneously entraining to the more natural Balinese rhythms and pace of life. You may even give yourself permission to indulge in the pampering and sensual pleasures of the many heavenly little spas set amidst the tranquility of rice paddies and fields. Where else but in Bali are massage, body wraps, pedicures and manicures and facials elevated to the level of an art form?

Are you ready to experience life as artistic expression? Join us in a Bali adventure filled with sensual and spiritual delights. Come with us on a journey of exploration, self-discovery and healing. Come with us and discover the Bali Sacred Spirit.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with the Tour Leader and Sponsor, Mary Margrave, about the trip, please call Mary at +1 928 300-9779. You can also speak to our Tour Organizer and Co-Leader, Tom Margrave, who lives in Bali by sending him a call request by email to Tom loves talking about the Bali Sacred Spirit Tour.

Decide NOW to join us on this incredible journey!