Bali Soul Adventures Connects

Today was a special day for Bali Soul Adventures, as the founder and practitioners met to connect, share, get to know one another, and create a powerful energetic foundation for the launching of personal spiritual retreats in Bali. The gathering was held at Puri Tresna, the beautiful residence of founder Cok Ratih.

An immediate sense of connection was experienced as each person shared his or her passion, vision, and individual expression of service. A delicious traditional Balinese meal was presented and enjoyed, with an extra special offering of vibrational healing water from Dr. Gede, one of Bali Soul Adventures’ healing practitioners. There was even an immediate healing experienced by one of the guests after drinking the water!

Cok Ratih’s warm and welcoming hospitality was deeply appreciated, as everyone was blissfully basking in such rich Balinese tradition at Puri Tresna. From the detail of the carvings in the stone walls and wooden doors to the lush tropical gardens, the feeling that takes over is one of being a world away from the demands of everyday life. Something magical arises within while at Puri Tresna.

The mystical power of Bali, spiritual connection, and gathering of like-minded, heart-connected people – this is what Bali Soul Adventures is creating here on the island of the gods. Today marked the beginning of a new adventure for all of us.

Alia Indrawan