Designing Your Retreat

Tirta Gangga KoiWe’re different
At Bali Soul Adventures, we don’t do one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter retreats. Nor do we  do group retreats. We do create powerful and transformational personal spiritual retreats for individuals and couples. You are unique – and what you want and need at this moment in your life is unique too. Does it make sense for you to do the same standard retreat as countless others before you? We don’t think so. Your retreat should be designed just for you – with your unique situation in mind.

Your retreat is ready when you are
When you do a group retreat, you must arrange your schedule and travel dates to match the planned dates of the retreat. With Bali Soul Adventures, it’s the other way around. Since our focus is on you and your needs, we design and schedule the retreat to match your availability and the dates you have open. That also means you can come for whatever timeframe matches your situation. A typical Bali Soul Adventure is 5 to 7 days in length, but we can develop a program for your retreat of up to 14 days in length.

Ratih In PrayerExperiencing Bali is important
We know that an important reason our retreats are so potent and transformational is that you are here, on the spiritual island of Bali – immersed in the heart-opening, devotional energies of this special place. We consider Bali to be one of the most sacred spots on the planet. So we recognize how crucial it is that your Bali Soul Adventure includes plenty of opportunities to experience and enjoy the special beauty of the island. It’s very beneficial – and quite necessary, in fact – to have time to relax, process your sessions, and simply enjoy the moment. Your Soul Adventure will be a life-changing combination of sessions, ceremonies and opportunities to experience the island’s wonders.

How will you design my retreat?
Because it is a place of such powerful healing energies and great beauty, Bali has attracted some of the best healers, intuitives, energy workers and spiritual guides from around the world, not to mention the island’s tremendously gifted and talented traditional healers. Bali Soul Adventures has brought together a community of the best practitioners and healers from both western and local traditions. These are the resources we draw upon in designing your spiritual retreat. We interview you in depth to fully understand your needs and desires at this time in your life. Whatever your specific needs, we are there to match your unique requirements and desires with the skills and talents of the remarkable people we work with.

Your call is the first step
We know it can be somewhat pricy to call around the world to a foreign country, but we’ve done our best to provide you with inexpensive or even no-cost ways to get in touch with us. Check out the possibilities on the Contact Us page. When you do call, a member of our office staff will give you a brief overview of what we do and how we work. If you’ve already gone through the web site thoroughly, there won’t be a lot of new information to impart, but you may still have some questions. The staff member can answer most of your questions and then, when you’re ready, she will either turn you over to one of our retreat specialists if one is available — or set up an appointment for you to speak with the retreat specialist at a convenient time. There is no cost or obligation to speak with the retreat specialist.

Tuning in. Your retreat specialist is very good at getting to know you and tuning into your situation and your needs. She will have a few questions, and the conversation usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Your retreat specialist is deeply intuitive and has experienced the work of all our practitioners. As she’s speaking with you, she’ll get a very clear sense of the sessions and experiences that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your proposed retreat. At the end of the conversation, your retreat specialist will put together a proposed retreat itinerary. Sometimes this itinerary is complete by the end of the conversation, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to put together. When she’s done, she will go over the proposed itinerary with you in detail, explaining the recommended sessions and other aspects of the proposed retreat, as well as the cost of your Bali Soul Adventure. At that time your input is vital in fine-tuning the itinerary to make sure that it is the perfect experience for you.  You can then make a deposit and we will get busy organizing and scheduling your retreat.

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