Highlights Of The Tour


…exploring the heart and soul of Bali
September 9 – 18, 2019

_IGP3658Enveloped in lush green forests, terraced rice fields and crowned by majestic, sacred volcanos, Bali is considered by many to be an island paradise. Bali’s popularity derives not only from its physical beauty, but also from its vibrant spirituality and flourishing cultural scene. While in Bali we will be meeting and interacting with artisans, dancers, shopkeepers, body workers, priests and shamans. Balinese society is dynamic, open and inviting to visitors from the outside world. Her friendly, straightforward people welcome you to learn and participate.

Some of the highlights of our tour include:

  • Visit the home of Ketut Liyer, the traditional Balinese healer and shaman featured in the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and receive a blessing by his son
  • Participate in a healing demonstration with world renowned healer Bapak Cokorda Rai
  • At the Royal Palace of Peliatan, enjoy a personal tour conducted by our guide and Balinese Princess, Cok Ratih, including dinner and an evening’s entertainment.
  • Stay in 2 exquisite boutique resort hotels with incredible service & amenities
  • Tour the water palace of Tirtaganga
  • Visit the Bali Aga village of Tenganan to learn of the pre-Hindu, original people of Bali
  • Participate in a purification ritual at Pura Tirta Empul one of Bali’s holiest sites
  • Visit markets, shops & galleries for beautiful arts, crafts and textiles

Explore Balinese temples:

  • Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple
  • Pura Tanah Lot, Bali’s famous Sea Temple
  • Pura Tirta Empul, the Water Temple at Tampak Sirirg

Tour artisan villages and experience:

  • Mask making
  • Wood and stone carving
  • Gold and silver smithing
  • Weaving and textile production

Experience Balinese cultural offerings including:

  • IMGP1019Legong, Kecak, Barong and Frog dance performances
  • Sublime pampering with spa treatments and massage
  • Learn the Balinese style of saying prayers, making offering and receiving blessings


If you have any questions and would like to speak with the Tour Leader and Sponsor, Mary Margrave, about the trip, please call Mary at +1 928 300-9779. You can also speak to our Tour Organizer and Co-Leader, Tom Margrave, who lives in Bali by sending him a call request by email to Tom@BaliSoulAdventures.com. Tom loves talking about the Bali Sacred Spirit Tour.

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