“The energy of the island is truly special and over the retreat I began to notice subtle shifts in myself; I felt more peaceful and focused, with a sense of lightness that I hadn’t even noticed I was missing. Spending time with some of the special healers and spiritual practitioners also helped transform my personal energy and I felt a sense of strength and clarity return to me. My session with Alia, in particular, was so inspiring and was a beautiful release of some of the mental garbage that I had been carrying around. Her gentleness and intuition provided some wonderful affirmations for the new life I wanted to make for myself upon my return home.

My kindest and fondest thanks to Ratih for my ‘Bali Soul Adventure’; it was truly my first but I know it won’t be my last!”

Roseanna Chester

“My Soul Adventure in Bali was an absolute experience of a lifetime.  The royal treatment that we received was unbelievable not to mention the many cultural experiences and the breathtaking temples that we visited.  I came back with an awakening of creativity that had been suppressed for way too long.  I look forward to returning to Bali where there is much beauty, art and where I know I will always feel welcomed by the heartfelt people of Bali.”

Shirley Zago

“As one of the very first clients, my Bali Soul Adventure was an incredibly transformational experience! Thank you for listening so carefully to where I was in my life and what I needed. When I left Bali, it struck me that I came to Bali to find more balance and wholeness in my life and the Soul Adventure that you put together for me was perfectly balanced, whole and complete.”

“Every single thing that I needed was delivered; an integration into Balinese culture, experiencing the temples, religon, and beliefs of the Balinese, encounters with healers that moved me forward in my spiritual journey in ways I cannot even begin to describe and time to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the grace and beauty of this exotic and pulsating island. Bali Soul Adventures, Ratih, thank you for listening and for giving me more than I expected or asked for. I will be back for more Bali for my soul very soon!”

Vivian Prokop


“Bali was an awe inspiring experience for me. I learned so much about myself in a heavenly location. The people are as beautiful as the country. I have done a fair amount of traveling and have never come across such open, loving and peaceful people anywhere else… There is a soft and mystical quality to Bali that enables one to experience things at a much deeper level which is always more beneficial and rewarding.”

Lynn Boergerhoff


“My Soul Adventure to Bali was the most unique travel experience I have ever been on. It was a journey of the heart, mind and spirit, all of which have come home with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Because of the unique structure of the program, I was able to truly weave myself into the fabric of Bali, including the people, traditions, environment, food, and spirit, while still having time to just relax… Thank you for arranging this amazing trip. Your guidance, caring and love made the journey a very rich and rewarding experience that I will keep in my heart forever.”

Teri McMahon


“This sacred journey to Bali was magical. Their preparations allowed me to “drink in” the essence of the Hindu temples and the “feel” of the Balinese culture and surroundings. Nirvana has followed me home. Namaste”

Joyce Cramer