Beautiful, Inspiring, Affirming

“My ‘Bali Soul Adventure’ marked my third visit to Bali, but it truly was my first journey into the cultural and spiritual heart of the island that I had experienced. For weeks prior to embarking on my retreat, I was physically abuzz with excitement and energy for what was to come, something I felt would be a life-changing experience. And not only that, it would be my first holiday that I didn’t have to worry about anything; no poring over maps, chasing down cab drivers or working out an itinerary to fit everything in. For once, I would be the one taken care of, something which I needed to experience for once and was really appreciated!

Meeting and touring around with Ratih was both a privilege and a pleasure; her warmth and depth of knowledge about Bali made her an excellent guide. Soon, she had taught us how to pray like the Balinese and together we visited some of the most ancient and sacred temples on the island. It was a wonderful experience as it did not feel like we were tourists, but pilgrims of sorts, participating in traditional ceremonies and blessings like the locals. I may have not mastered kneeling in a sarong (harder than it looks!), but I still got to encounter the true beauty of their devotion and the purity of ritual the Balinese are renowned for.

The energy of the island is truly special and over the retreat I began to notice subtle shifts in myself; I felt more peaceful and focused, with a sense of lightness that I hadn’t even noticed I was missing. Spending time with some of the special healers and spiritual practitioners also helped transform my personal energy and I felt a sense of strength and clarity return to me. My session with Alia, in particular, was so inspiring and was a beautiful release of some of the mental garbage that I had been carrying around. Her gentleness and intuition provided some wonderful affirmations for the new life I wanted to make for myself upon my return home.

My kindest and fondest thanks to Ratih for my ‘Bali Soul Adventure’; it was truly my first but I know it won’t be my last!”

Roseanna Chester